Dutch-to-English Book Translations

Literary Translation: More than Word Substitution

High-quality literary translation requires both talent and creativity. Literature is typically written in eloquent, colorful prose, which means that translation of literature is a challenging, artistic task.

A literary translator attempts to capture the tone, mood, and style of the original work, so that the spirit of the work is reflected in the translated work. Word-for-word translations give the reader a faithful account of the content, but rarely convey the same texture that the creative linguist introduces. As a lifelong writer and editor, I bring my own skills to your work, and as a true team player, I work flexibly with you to ensure that the translation reflects your own tastes and preferences.

The finest linguist for your project

Whether you have written an epic, a comedy, creative non-fiction or a speech, I match the intensity of our collaboration to the complexity of the project and the tone of the final translation to your intended audience. I am happy to provide test translations and to confer with you on style guide and glossaries. For complex projects, I find it most effective to complete the translation in stages: I translate a part of the text, get your feedback, adjust the translation to your preferences, and when we are both happy with that section, then we proceed to the next section. While this process demands more from both of us than a start-to-finish translation would, it has been my experience that this method best allows us to find your sense of your voice in the English version, with a finished product of which both of us can be proud.

Your intellectual property rights

Your work is a unique, priceless creation, and I take your privacy seriously. Feel free to review my privacy policy in detail; in brief: every document you send to me is treated with complete confidentiality, as well as any and all personal information you might provide. I treat your documents and information with same respect I would like for my own.

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